April 4, 2016 CEL

Creating Community Partnerships

Roots in Minnesota is an offspring of the Kentucky Roots campaign in Northern Kentucky. Due to the success of these campaigns, urban and community foresters in other states are working on replicating them. Why are these campaigns increasing awareness of the value of public trees and motivating tree care? How can you get onboard?

Find out in this article in City Trees Magazine, or click on the PDF to download.

The Society of Municipal Aborists turned to CEL Marketing/PR/Design to help urban and community foresters get a better understanding of how to develop creative community forestry partnerships. As you will see in the Kentucky Roots story within the pages of City Trees, these partnerships provide critical support for implementing tree care campaigns. Kentucky Roots and Roots in Minnesota campaign co-creator Kari Logan tells us how she worked with the Northern Kentucky Urban & Community Forestry Council (NKUCFC) to expand the reach and motivate tree care with Kentucky Roots.